The new authentic Swiza Swiss Knife

The SWIZA Swiss Knife represents the most revolutionary redesign of the legendary Swiss Army Knife. The ergonomic curved shape, sure-grip, soft-touch fnish and easy access blade and tools make it the most comfortable and easy to use Swiss Knife ever. This new Swiss Knife is destined to become the new standard in Pocket Knives and a useful, versatile and must-have accessory for anyone that wants to be prepared for the challenges and adventures that everyday life offers. It’s available with 4 different blade and tool combinations and in 4 vibrant colors (signature SWIZA red, husky blue, snow white and graphite black) all inspired by the landscape of the Jura Mountain region where Swiss Pocket Knives have been skillfully manufactured for generations. Form follows function. The new SWIZA Swiss Knife features a long (75mm), extra strong stainless steel blade (440/57 HRC) with a die-cut slot that makes it easy to open with either the left or right hand. The ingeniously designed hardened stainless steel tools include signifcant improvements including a blade with secure lock released by pressing the SWIZA cross icon, a sommelier caliber 5-turn corkscrew, and tools and plates made of stainless steel, which together with the scales manufactured from high quality plastic enables easy maintenance. With this, the SWIZA SWISS Knife may be cleaned in the dishwasher (up to 80°C / 176°F) from time to time, if subsequently a drop knife oil is placed between the moving parts.

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