The different tools are manufactured from high-quality steel, which exhibits coordinated characteristics, they are decisive for the respective range of application. With hardening and tempering of the steel as well as the following polishing procedure the necessary final hardness and optimal corrosion resistance are reached.

The Sharpening
Resharpens with a whetstone on both sides in the angle of 15° - 20°. This results an angle of 30 - 40°. When regrinding on a grinding wheel must be cooled extensively with water, so that none develop to high temperatures.

If one lets stainless products lie uncleaned, have aggressive substances (fruit acids, seawater etc..) during long-term effect the opportunity to dry up and the steel to cauterize (corrosion). We recommend therefore a cleaning in warm water and following drying as well as to oil the friction places.

For the selection of a measurer oil different characteristics, among other things also legal provisions of the food regulation, are determining. There are quite oils with a maintaining character, which have then however no satisfying lubrication characteristics, or even to have a damaging effect on the functions of the pocketknife (to stick together etc.).

Our recommendation
Multi Tool Oil (Victorinox Art.-Nr.: 4.3301)

The outstanding features of this general-purpose oil are

  • smell and taste neutrally
  • high resistance to aging
  • good wear protection characteristics and corrosion protection abilities
  • food-suited

Ideen zur Anwendung