High Tech ceramic knives
large-follow in Japan
The High Tech ceramic knives began its triumphant advance in Japan: The prestidigitation of the Japanese cooks when preparing their meals is legendarily. Highest cut quality and taste neutrality of the knives is here indispensable; Characteristics, which also in Europe ever more consumer inspires.

High Tech ceramic
the fascination of a material
Raw material for the blade from High Tech ceramic is ultra pure zircon oxide powder. This is pressed into a form with a pressure by 1500 bar and sintered afterwards in special sintering furnaces at temperatures by 1500°C. At these temperatures the singular characteristics develop like extreme hardness (nearly as hard as a diamond), high ruggedness and biocompatibility - for characteristics, which become highly estimated not only in space travel or the formula 1 but also in the medical technology.

Sharpness for many years
Contrary to steel knives, that must be resharpened within short time, High Tech ceramic knives keep their unsurpassed sharpness for many years. If the High Tech ceramic knives should lose its sharpness after many years, it can be brought to authorized regrinding centers in Switzerland with special diamond disks they bring it back into the original sharpness.

Please consider the following recommendations and a cutting with your ceramic knives become an absolute pleasure:

  • The ceramic knife is for cutting! Do not use the knife for striking or levers.
  • Always cut on a plastic or a wooden cutting board. Marble, glass or stone bases please do not use!
  • Clean your ceramic knife after use with a mild detergent. Therewith also can be eliminated discolorations easily.
  • For keeping put your ceramic knife into the packing or carefully into a knife block.

Ceramic is very hard and therefore also brittle. The possibility that the ceramic blade out or breaks off is minimum, if you consider the following points strictly:

  • Cut never frozen food, bones, fishbones or a hard bread crust.
  • Do not let fall your ceramic knife on hard floor (stone) or the like.
  • Please do not use the point of ceramic for levering.
  • Please clean the ceramic knife only in the dishwasher if that is so stored that it can push or strike neither against the mounting plate, still against table-ware or cutlery.
  • Do not use your ceramic knife as scrapers.
  • Please do not cut on porcelain/stoneware or strike.
  • Do not hold the blade in the open fire (ceramic leads heat!).
  • Do not sharpen please with conventional schleifstab.